What We Do – M-CAD Services
  • Provide a reliable, cost effective extension of your team via MCAD outsourcing services
  • Augment your team by providing additional capacity for your product design / drafting requirements
  • Leverage synergies between in-house design expertise and a proven off-shore throughput model
  • Facilitate internal team growth via off-loading of lesser value tasks – grow your talent vs. lose your talent!
  • Help address projects that “there is never time for”
  • Reduce costs of staff search / replacement
  • Provide a scalable, off-shore delivery solution
  • Provide a cost-effective / value driven model
  • Gain access to highly skilled degreed engineers at lower costs
Best-in-Class Services
Support following platforms
  • SolidWorks
  • Pro-Engineer
  • AutoCAD / Inventor
  • Unigraphics / Solid Edge
  • Etc.
Product Engineering / Drafting services based on customer requirements using a mixed mode approach
  • On-shore US and Canadian based resources
  • Cost effective India based resources
Getting Started
Phase I – Pilot Evaluation ~ 3 months

Senior CAD engineer assigned to your project

  • On-site option
  • Gain expertise on company specific critical issues
  • Prove ability to handle your work
  • Establish working relationship / rapport with key staff
  • Work on ‘live’ jobs
  • Understand various ‘end-customer’ specifications and requirements

Risk-free trial – Go / No-Go phase

  • ~ 1 month on-site
  • ~ 2 months off-shore
Phase II – Long-term contract
  • Establish Entelechy as a virtual extension of your engineering operations
  • Replicate your CAD environment that is verified and certified to provide consistent results
  • Team of fully trained CAD engineers to assure redundancy and capacity
  • Implement our proven methodology to continuously measure and assure productivity metrics
Our mechanical engineering services are designed to match the needs of a variety of industries. We offer the following core competencies:
Product Design and Development
  • We develop your ideas into precise 3D models. We provide Concept models, generated from your concept sketches and images. We can provide concept sketches to your ideas. We also do product feasibility studies.
Mechanism Study. Parametric design of systems and sub systems
  • Our 3D modeling services are focused on engineering industries. These models can be used for analysis, conceptual design, and manufacturing. These CAD models can also be sent to machine shops for tool path generation. The use of solids modeling technology is essential when a 3D CAD design is used in Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE), or Finite Element Analysis (FEA) applications. These CAD models can be used for animating the sub-assemblies or assemblies.
Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Designs are done while keeping in view how the products are actually assembled on shop floor. We use your design sketches/ drawings to prepare detailed shop drawings.
  • Parts and assemblies can be fully detailed and toleranced for fits, surface finish and functionality. The Bill of Material (BOM) is derived from the CAD assembly, and can be generated in a customer-defined format.
Legacy 2D to 3D conversion and data migration

Most organizations have extensive paper-based archives, which would be more convenient for storage and use in an electronic format. We offer comprehensive CAD conversion services. We have extensive experience with a range of different formats and file types. Below are few examples

  • Paper to CAD conversion
  • Image to CAD conversion
  • PDF to CAD conversion
  • DGN/ DXF to DWG conversion
  • Any file format that is currently not on CAD, we can create CAD files using your information which may be on paper copies or catalogs, etc.
Detailing and Drafting confirming to international standards – ASME, ISO, DIN etc.
  • We can re-create new mechanical drawings from design data and sketches. With our mechanical design & mechanical drafting expertise, we can also create assembly drawings for all types of mechanical assemblies. We use your detailing preferences to match existing company standards and can generate fabrication drawings with reference to the fabrication process.
Reverse Engineering / Re-Engineering
  • We break down a product into its components and prepare CAD drawings for each and every component, subassembly drawings, assembly drawings, instructions etc.  Tolerances, interferences, clearances, can be checked during this process along with required changes.
  • Wire frame images and meshed models to carry out finite element analysis
  • Linear static analysis
Product Data Management (PDM)
  • The computer folder/file system is the natural data environment for working with CAD files. Mechanical 3D CAD models require specialized file managers. A product data management (PDM) tool is used to create, edit and move file relationships. Item re-use often requires copying the physical file from one model to another, or coordinating several models. Most CAD vendors provide their own PDM tool for these purposes.
  • We are well versed with different PDM software. We create CAD files for various components and accessories that you often use in your engineering documents. These can be your own manufactured ones or bought-ins from your vendors. We can create a library of such models and establish a relationship between them to suit your PDM tool.
Product Animation
  • We provide Photo rendered images of your components for presentation or sharing in popular image formats including JPG, GIF, and BMP. Exploded views can be provided for use in service manuals. Animated videos can be provided to clearly explain how an assembly or system should be assembled or dismantled.
Technical Documentation
  • We can also prepare technical documents required for Production and Manufacturing personnel with assembly instructions, paint instructions and handling instructions, etc.
  • Very often, in order to provide explanations, designers need to incorporate technical diagrams and illustrations in their presentations, O&M manuals, spare part catalogs, etc. With experienced CAD operators and technical staff, we can prepare such illustrations with clarity and detail in accordance with the intended purpose of the design.
Layout Drawings
  • Piping layout – We can create Air-schematic drawings to show pneumatic and hydraulic supply lines using Auto CAD or Draftsight
  • Plant Layout – We provide such layouts, that impart a complete understanding of the layout, space for maintenance, equipment clearances, etc.
  • Electrical layout – On the basis of your plant and equipment layout, we can either suggest optimum cable layout, or as is the general practice, adopt your layout and prepare details of cable laying and termination diagrams.

Get acquainted with us through our Quick-Start Program. Where we jointly structure a pilot project to suit your specific needs.