Quote Data Processing

Quote ProcessingQuote Data Processing (QDP):

Responding to Request for Quotes (RFQ) both accurately and quickly is a critical need for PCB manufacturers. The inflow of RFQ’s occurs 24 x 7 and companies find it challenging to assign valuable engineering resources to assign to processing RFQ’s. Our QDP service is designed to help customers with the critical challenges they face in this area while providing cost savings.


  • RFQ’s work-load is seldom very uniform. This makes it very hard to staff the quote function adequately while maintaining a consistently acceptable level of utilization.
  • When either in-house automation or third party software tools are deployed, the task of updating such systems in sync with changing formats of incoming data, changing requirements of external customers as well as internal processes is often very challenging.
  • Delayed or innacurate response to RFQ often results in loss of potential sales opportunities.
  • Dealing with customers on issues involving errors & inaccuracies in quotes at later stages of the sales cycle can be very frustrating and at times results in taking a loss on certain jobs.
  • The challenges are very familiar and the list goes on and on …

Our Solution:

  • We provide a tailor made QDP service to suit your unique set of requirements.
  • Our service is scalable to meet the changing demands of RFQ inflows.
  • We assign highly skilled engineers in combination with automation tools so we can address 100% of all the RFQ’s sent to us.
  • We have establish a highly secure private cloud environment to access your internal systems so we can use your internal systems and automation to process quote jobs if necessary.

Please contact us to know more about how we can provide high quality, scalable, consistent, dependable and cost effective services to address your QDP needs.