CAM Services

CAM Services 2CAM Services:

CAM is a critical front-end operation that requires on-time and accurate job processing in every PCB company. Our CAM service has been designed to help consistently accomplish this objective while gaining cost savings.


  • Companies face many changing variables in the CAM area. Varying repeat to new job ratios, varying job complexities, and keeping up with production, equipment and base material changes makes for a highly fluctuating CAM work load.
  • Hiring and training CAM engineers as well as retaining highly skilled and experienced CAM engineers is a big challenge.
  • Achieving higher levels of CAM automation, more importantly sustaining higher levels of CAM automation while staying in sync with changing requirements is a difficult task.
  • Second and third shift CAM operators are hard to find and keep productive.
  • Dealing with customer issues involving errors & inaccuracies in CAM at later stages of the sales cycle are both very expensive and frustrating
  • The challenges are very familiar and the list goes on and on…


  • We provide a tailor made CAM service to suit your unique set of requirements
  • Our service is scalable to meet the changing inflow of CAM jobs.
  • We have establish a highly secure private cloud environment to access your internal systems so we can use your internal systems and automation to process CAM jobs as necessary.
  • We also provide Product Engineering (also referred to as methods engineering) services, making us a one stop shop for all your engineering outsourcing requirements.

Please contact us to know more about how we can provide high quality, scalable, consistent, dependable and cost effective services to address your CAM needs.