• PCB Front-End Engineering

    Genesis, U-CAM, CAM 350, …
  • Mechanical CAD

    SolidWorks, Inventor, ProE, Auto CAD …
  • Global Presence

    Worldwide customers and services
  • Professional Team

    Highly skilled staff with deep domain expertise
  • World-Class support

    Round the clock 24 x 7 support
  • Best-in-class Infrastructure

    Backup power, communications, and resources

Beat your competition by teaming up with us

Become more agile and flexible with our best-in-class services, infrastructure, and methodology.

In today’s increasingly competitive global marketplace, it is critical to continuously reduce costs, improve quality, and invest in new processes while manufacturing ever more complex parts with shorter delivery times. Now, you can depend on Entelechy, with it’s proven track record of high quality, reliable engineering services to do the job for you. Our value proposition is very straightforward:

  • We offer easily scalable engineering capacity at a lower cost
  • Off-load capacity surges and add critical engineering bandwidth
  • Build redundancy in critical areas of your operation
  • Lower your engineering costs


Who We Are

A highly experienced and dedicated team providing engineering services to leading manufacturers worldwide.

What We Do

Deliver the highest quality engineering services using our best-in-class methodologies, technologies, infrastructure, and personnel.


We deliver the highest quality PCB CAM and Mechanical CAD engineering services to customers around the world. Get started risk-free with our Quick-Start Program.

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Bob Jones


Precision Technology, Inc.

“We needed a trusted partner to help us meet our front-end engineering requirements. Entelechy offered flexibility, expertise and a cost effective approach to our pressing needs. They have delivered on all of these fronts”.

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